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Re: [TCML] Odd VTTC Streamer Behavior


The 8kV was the AC rating for the mica cap. It's rated for 11 amps at 300kHz.
The coil operated at around 120kHz or so.  I was getting probably
35" sparks at the time.  I knew the rating was marginal, and I was
not surprised it failed. Usually I use two of these in series, but I didn't
have the right values so I used this single capacitor.  I just offered this
information to give Phillip(?) an idea of what type of voltage
relationships he might expect.  I wasn't presenting it
from a engineering or scientific perspective.


I can't find where you listed the capacitance but if it were 0.002 ufd [2 nF] it would have a reactance of about 265 ohms so the 11 amps would be equivalent to an RF voltage of about 2900. Don't know what you were actually using of course.


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