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Re: [TCML] Proper VTTC Coupling? (coil specs)

Dr John,

Thanks for that interesting information.  I have some
litz  wire which is 65/42 which may be suitable for my
project.  I can make comparisons using the litz vs.
standard wire.  I have another type of litz wire, but
I can't seem to find the spool.


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That sounds good. I have used magnet wire primaries up to 2kv on small 811A VTTCs and didn't have any problems. 
Litz wire is a generic name for a technique to allow bundled wire to carry higher frequency currents with lower losses.  This is one of those situations that you need a chart that uses number of strands and strand awg to check on frequency and current. 
Check this site for a quick idea: http://www.wiretron.com/litz.html ;
John W. G. 
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On Oct 19, 2008, at 12:30 PM, futuret@xxxxxxx wrote: 
My original plan was to use 16 or 14awg wire for that reason of >
keeping the 
coil short. The 12awg wire i have is a special type which will give >
a primary 
winding height of only 2.8". The 14awg wire would give the same >
But the 16 gau
ge wire I have has thinner insulation and would give a
shorter coil. I agree with what you're saying and I'm going to >
switch to 
16awg for the primary. That will increase the primary inductance, >
so maybe 
I can use fewer turns too. That will let me put the grid coil on >
top of 
the primary. I've built coils both ways; grid coil on top, grid >
coil below. 
I do have an air variable which I plan to use to find the proper >
tune point, 
then I'll replace it with a fixed cap. Actually I have an air >
variable which 
is in oil to withstand higher voltage and give a higher capacitance. 
I've used the 4-125A tubes in previous coils, and also a 4-250A and 
a 4-400A. The last tube was defective however and gave weak sparks. 
I have a good selection of mica caps. 
Appearance-wise, I prefer a shorter primary coil also, so that's >
reason for me to use the 16awg wire. It would be interesting to try 
magnet wire for the primary coil. I have some 14gauge magnet wire. 
I also have some litz wire, but I forget the gauge. I seem to >
hearing that litz wire is particularly helpful above 500kHz if I >
Thanks again, 
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