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RE: [TCML] Which way is better?

Hey Gentlemen Thanks for your answer, I have seen a website somewere saying that parallel was better but anyway I understand series seems to be better.400 Rand here in South Africa is about 40US $
Its a bargain,getting it from the same closing shop I got the first one.I just wish my first one was still working properly because I could of had a 12KV 60ma setup if it was but Ill settle for 30ma.
Thanks Gareth                                                 -----Original Message-----
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Hey Gareth..

having the cap in paralell with the power supply allows the cap to 
discharge thru the secondary windings after the power is turned off even 
if the primary lead tap is disconnected for some reason. But if for some 
reason the primary lead tap is not connected and power is applied, an 
over voltage can occur if the sparkgap isnt functioning properly.  When 
the cap is in series with the primary and the spark gap is off or not 
functioning well, the chance of over volting the cap is not quite so 
prominent due to the primaries inductance and resistance which adds 
"some" protection. Also, if the primary lead tap is diconnected while 
the power was applied in this set up, the cap can hold a charge long 
enuf to bite you!

Where are you considering on purchasing your NST from???   400$ is way 
too much money for a 12KV unit, more like 100-150$ for a new one.

Scot D

kingsandangels@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>I see on they internet some people put the tank cap in parallel and the spark gap in series instead of the tank cap in series and spark gap in parallel.Whats the differince?Is there any major advantage to using a tank cap in parallel?I would like to have another go.Two of my MOTs dont work so I scrapped that for now and trying to organise another 12000v Nst for 400 bucks.IS There any reason for tank cap in parallel? Thanks Gareth 
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