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Re: [TCML] Fringe Tesla Coils

Hey Folks,

It's FOX Network! you don't really expect "fair and balanced" or any "reality".
As they've said before, "It's entertainment, NOT education"!!

Matt D.

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You guys all know this but many TV folks new to the "magic" of Tesla coils do not: it's harder than it looks. ;-) 
Ripley's Believe it or Not had to Photoshop arcs too... on TV 
Wild West Tech injured a performer with arcs from the head (read: brain)!... on TV  Criss Angel used the "Biggest coil in the World" that only made five foot arcs... his shark suit separated and he got shocked... on TV 
They all called me first but chose to use non-professionals and ended up getting hurt or producing less than stellar effects. 
Producers... ask yourself this question...Am I producing a professional or amateur program? 
Moral: Use a professional (any professional, even if just a consult). 
Jeff (end: rant) 
p.s I am of the opinion that enhanced TC images diminish us all (I'm not talking about Peter Terren's wonderful, colorful artwork - but video compositing offered as reality). 
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I watched that episode on line and was able to freeze frame during the tesal coil part.  There is something not quite right with the sparks. first of all i
would > think that the sparks would be hitting the metal magnet thing that is > right in between the 2 coils. its almost like they were superimposed and > modified somehow. in slow mo you can see ionization and st. elmos fire at > some points on the matal magnet thing but like i said something is not > quite right. its is almost like they took a video of sparks, made them > bigger, and photoshoped them. at the same time i dont think that it > sounds right either. 
on a side note the coils look like they are the medium size coils
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