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RE: [TCML] How does a DRSSTC work?

Thanks for the info. 
I think I'm going to buy the book too.
So the bridge is pumping more and more energy into the primary LC oscillator, matching the polarity of the oscillation until enough energy is stored to cause breakout and drain the tank through a streamer?
When it is recommended that not running the DRSSTC at resonance 100% of the time (as damage can occur) - when is the bridge in the "off" state?
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Hi Steve,

Great work, especially for someone who does not know why it works.

The main difference between a drsstc and other tesla coils, is that the voltage on the tank capacitor is built up in steps during the discharge cycle, instead of pre-charging the capacitor from a high-voltage source already at the desired voltage. 

The H-bridge introduces a step voltage onto the tank circuit.  The feedback attempts to determine when the tank voltage reverses.  At that point, the feedback signal flips the H-bridge to introduce another step voltage to the tank circuit.  Each new step is additive, and the tank voltage continues to rise.  When the discharge begins, the energy will start to be drained from the tank circuit.

The 4HV Wiki has a nice section on the workings of the drsstc.  Have a look there.

Here are some other links you may want to look at;


Terry Blake

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> Can someone point me to a elementary explanation of how the DRSSTC works? I managed to get one running last night, (with help from Tom from 4HV), but I'm
> still not really 100% on the workings...
> I understand that a signal from the secondary is being used to create a gate
> signal for the H-bridge, but how come it works with just 120v AC?
> (Or rather, how come a SSGTC needs kilovolts?)
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> Steve
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