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Re: [TCML] SISG success

Hello Zapp,

Quarkster wrote:
Bart -
A few questions:
1. You stated that the tank capacitor is connected in parallel with the SISG, but the coil wouldn't run in that configuration. The tank cap, primary coil, and SISG must all be in "series" so that when the SISG switch "closes", the tank cap discharges into the primary.

Here's a simple schematic which should explain the circuit.
This is the circuit Terry Fritz used on his small SISG (prior to Piranha). This circuit was "mechanically" ideal for my cap bank.

2. It looks like you have a ventilation fan either pressurizing (or evacuating) the enclosure, but where is the air outlet (or inlet)?

There is an exit hole at the bottom corner side panel behind the rotor stationary area (bottom corner of the SISG panel). It's not shown in the picture as it's below the stationary mounting bracket (which was a quick throw-together in July). Hole diameter is 2.5" (air blows hard out of that hole).

3. I'm not sure what you meant by "The circuit is running full bridge". The SISG circuit has no resemblence to any type of "full bridge" switching topology.
I meant a full wave bridge rectifier. The voltage connected across the load from V+ and V- is in the same direction for both half cycles. That is all I was referring to. One ear of my pig is tied low, thus one side of my bridge is tied low (in case you were wondering about that also). The AC simply does not float but has an RF ground reference.

Best regards,
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