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Re: [TCML] Coil pics & many thanks


Excellent construction and results.  I like the way 120 bps sync
sparks reach out occasionally with those floating extra long
and powerful sparks.


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> > Thanks to many people who gave me advice through the list, have
websites, & answer emails. I don't want to neglect to mention anyone but especially Gary Lau, Ritchie Burnett, Terry Fritz (among many things I blatantly ripped off his cap design), John Freau, Bart (JavaTC Rulez), Alan Majernick for the Oriental reaction motor & super cool rotor, and Bill Noble for helping out with the variac.> > > > Feedback of any kind would be great.> > > > Hopefully I will be able to permanently set it up somewhere soon - right now it's in someone else's shop & it's kinda hard for me to get time to play with it. Sure is fun
though.> > > > - Andrew
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