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Re: [TCML] Good web sites

 I too was inspired by Hull's photo's in National Geographic, and started me
on my quest for bigger Coils.  He has made many video tapes, and still has a
web page for ordering, but I don't know if it's still active. It's at

My Biggg Coil which was a total success due to him and others on this list
is at   http://www.rossoverstreet.org/tesla/Biggg/biggg.htm

 These are older photo's around 2001. Also ck out Ross overstreets home page
for many Tesla & other interesting hobbies. What ever happened to Ross

Kevin E
STILL Coiling in Oklahoma

2008/10/12 kingsandangels@xxxxxxxxxxx <kingsandangels@xxxxxxxxxxx>

> Hi guys hope you are all doing ok.I need to fuel my passion in high voltage
> and I was wondering if there are particular websites that show record Tesla
> Coils like the longest Nst driven sparks or the largest sstc and models that
> serve with best tank caps to use and ideal designs ect. I think any Coiler
> would like to build a 14million volt Tesla coil like this one in the pic.Im
> just looking for suggestions. The first Tesla Coil that I saw and marveled
> at was issued in the National Geographic July 1993 volume 184 with a picture
> of Richard Hull  Richmond,Virginia and his Tesla Coil,I dont suppose There
> is a way to say Hi to him for me!  Thanks Gareth
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