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Re: [TCML] Opening an inspection port on a pole pig

Hi there, David.  I had Westinghouse a few years back with a similar inspection hatch.  It was painted over as well, so I just wrapped some pliers in electrical tape to avoid messing up the paint too badly, then applied a good measure of force ;-)  The thunb screw loosened a crossbeam on the other side of the hole in the lid, which then rotated out of the way, allowing the inspection cover to come off.  Basically, it was a miniature version of the system used to secure the lid on the transformer.  Power Partners, part of ABB, owns the Westinghouse transformer business today, and they still use the same lid system, so if you pull up the documentation on their web site, you'll see what I'm talking about.  I probably did a bad job explaining.

Of course, just because mine worked this way doesn't mean yours will!  I had the same system on an old Line Material Industries unit, too (for the inspection cover, that is).

Aaron, N7OE

--- On Sun, 10/12/08, David Speck <dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

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> Subject: [TCML] Opening an inspection port on a pole pig
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> Date: Sunday, October 12, 2008, 10:11 AM
> List:
> I recently purchased a Westinghouse pig with a tap changer
> switch 
> inside.  There is no external handle for it.
> It came set for the lowest voltage, and, naturally, I'd
> like to switch 
> it up to the highest voltage.  ;o)
> There is an oval access cover in the lid measuring perhaps
> 4 x 8", with 
> a flat thumb screw in the center.  I figure this is an
> access to allow 
> oil filling, and perhaps tap changing without pulling the
> whole thing 
> out of the tank. 
> However, the unit has been freshly painted over, and the
> thumb screw 
> doesn't turn (at least not easily). 
> Before I go and break something, can anyone tell me the
> proper method to 
> open the inspection cover? 
> Does the thumb screw drive a quarter turn latch mechanism,
> or does one 
> unscrew it completely to get the access cover off, or is
> the cover plate 
> just held in place by a spring clip?  I'm betting on
> the first design, 
> but thought I'd ask before applying the ChanneLocks to
> it and likely 
> breaking something. 
> Not that I plan to do it anytime soon, but out of
> curiosity, how does 
> one pull the core out of the tank?  I assume that it all
> hangs from the 
> cover, as there is a robust lifting ring in the center of
> the lid.  I 
> don't know if there is anything that holds the cover to
> the main body of 
> the tank, or if it just relies on gravity to keep it
> together. 
> Thanks in advance.
> Dave
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