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[TCML] Re:Frequency Generator

Sorry I didnt get your first name because I deleted emails to quick.I would definately try it and I know there must be someone better on this subject than me but Ill give it a try.Try it with a program called Fruity Loops were you got the widest range of tone generators.You can set them at 1hz to anything you want and have two seperate sounds on each channel if you like,from sine waves to square waves anything.With a strong enough amp you can also shock yourself so I would say Yes!I DJed and made music for 16 years and I used to drive a home made laser projector with a amp and fruity loops and even made my hair dryer motors sing any kind of music, Words and All! Music amps have power transitors however so you might want to think about a tone or single wave then absolute silence at around 100bps or something to act like its pulsing it like a switch.The lower your frequency the higher the voltage and the higher the frequency the louder you have to turn up the amp to get the voltage. Cool?  Gareth   
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