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Re: [TCML] Check the Discharge Time of my Bleed Res

t = 5 RC for approx for near total discharge.

Also, if possible, please test the voltage with no bleeder resistors across
it.  I bet the xmfr winding impedance, with center tap from each hot to
ground, wil be equally
effective is discharging all the caps at nearly the same rate.

I've always advocated using bleeders on DC charged caps, but in a TC
circuilt, using a nst with alternating current, any charge bleeds off thru
the ends thru both of the xmfr windings to the
center tap which is grounded.  I've never ever used any bleeder resistors in
any TC I've ever built and have never received or detected any stored

some experimenters have reported stored AC charge using an equi-drive
configuration but I have not tested this so unable to comment on it.

I will be very interested to hear of the outcome of your research.

Dr. Resonance

On Wed, Oct 8, 2008 at 7:24 AM, P Tuck <follies@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hello.
> I am about to bench test my new MMC Cap of 0.02143 uF (CD's using 2 strings
> of 14 each) using a makeshift inductance.
> Each individual cap' has a 10 Meg bleed res' across it and I work this out
> as a discharge time of 10 sec's, to discharge to 1% of the supply voltage.
> This in my case will be 100v when connected to a 10K supply.
> Am I right on my timing?
> Philip
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