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Re: [TCML] VTTC Winding Direction

Phillip Slawinski wrote:
How important is the winding direction of the primary and secondary coils in
a VTTC?  Should they be wound in the same direction?  Should they be wound
in opposite directions?  Does it even matter?

One should only wind in the direction of the prevailing winds in your area while facing north, if winding from bottom to top, or facing south, if winding from top to bottom. There is some discussion about whether the north or south should be geographic (because of earth rotation) or magnetic (because TCs, in general rely on electromagnetic fields). Others will claim that one should actually orient the coil, during winding, according to the solar magnetic field, which, of course, is at an angle to the earth's field. As we are entering a new sunspot cycle, the sun's magnetic field is switching, so it might not be an auspicious time for winding. Perhaps waiting a year or two might be wise. Oh, you might have to change orientations and winding directions gradually as the earth rotates during the day, so some form of turntable on bearings to hold your chair will be needed, preferably driven by a clock drive with sidereal motion.

makes absolutely no difference...

Wind it however you want. If your VTTC uses a grid feedback coil, the relative directions of that coil and the primary it's coupled to are important. One way will oscillate, the other won't.
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