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Re: [TCML] MMC building - some questions

Hi Thomas,

When you do upgrade, look at upgrading to a 12/60 NST. This particular NST value has the "exact" Cres value as your 6/30 (but 4X the power!). Your MMC of 2 x 16 would work "perfect" for the 12/60 NST size and there would be no reason to change your MMC. Keep in mind, the 2 x 16 array is overly robust for the 6/30. It is also fine for the 12/60 NST size.

Something else to remember in "coiling". 4X the power is "not" 4X the spark length. 4X the power is 2X the spark length. Thus, to double spark length, increase the power by factor of 4. Simple and true square law rule.

Take care,

Ryckmans, Thomas wrote:
Super, thank you. I will build the 2 strings of 16 - so I can upgrade
when I get a better NST


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