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[TCML] Potential Transformer Market

In the next few months (to a year) I will be "in the market" for a potential transformer with a couple somewhat unusual characteristics. Namely, this PT will need to be a single-bushing, line-to-ground type capable to 20kVrms output on H1. A current regulator I'm currently building requires the ground-referencing. The VEF 36-10 looks pretty good and should handle 1300VA. In the specs at http://www.ritzusa.com/pdf/VEF-VZF%2036-10.pdf it reads that the winding ratio is 175/300:1. I'm not sure what this means, though. Do any of you understand this nomenclature?

I've only got $300 right now, but I've got a full tank of gas and can get within a reasonable distance of northern Alabama. 

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