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Re: [TCML] Any thoughts on this coil package?

Although the primary is fixed, it would not be that hard to adjust. Another toroid will change it only slightly, so only minor tuning would be required. If it's the same size toroid (just smooth), then no reason to change anything. But if height or dimensions change, then you probably should. Looks like the primary is only taped in place, so it shouldn't be that difficult to adjust if necessary.


Stephen J. Hobley wrote:
I thought the price was very low - and from some of the movie clips it looks like an impressive coil. I can't get any response from the seller so I don't know too much more about it.
My main concern is that it's too "fixed" - i.e. if I wanted to change the toroid to a spun aluminum I have, would I be able to retune/adjust the coil to work with it? I don't know that much about the setup of a DRSSTC yet. Steve
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