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Re: [TCML] Bleed Resistors - are these ones OK please

I bought bleed resistors from RS in Australia. RS stock number 484-4450. Manufacturers part number 232224213106. They are Vishay, metal film, high voltage, 0.5W, 2.5kVac, 10Mohm. Pack of 25

Dave Nelson
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Subject: [TCML] Bleed Resistors - are these ones OK please

I am seeking a source for bleed resistors in the UK. I have found a old post
in the archives that lists Digikey's  10Meg Carbon Film 1/2 watt resistors
(part number 10MD-ND) as the ones to use.
Looking at these they are only rated at "Max volts" 350v DC  or "Max
Overload" at 700v.

As I can expect up to 2000Volts across my CD' 9421C20...... etc caps this
seems an odd recommendation.

Can I actually use these despite my concerns?

If not, does anyone know another alternative source in the UK. I've tried RS Components and Maplins but cant find the voltage handling that's needed.


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