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Re: [TCML] Sad news: Ralph Zekelman (fwd)

Ralph was a good friend.  We had many email exchanges over the  years on a
variety of subjects.  He will be greatly missed and always  remembered.
John Freau
> I am sad to report that my uncle, Ralph Zekelman, passed  away about two
> weeks ago.  I know that he was a member of the  Tesla group and don�t know 
> this is an appropriate venue to  distribute this news, but wanted to let you
> know as I don�t have  names, addresses, or e-mails of any individual members
> that he  knew.  Ralph is survived by his brother, Charles Morton of  
> Illinois and my two sisters, Gail Kahn of Chicago and Diana  Morton of
> Evanston.
> There  will be no public service.
> Steve  Morton
> Irvine, California

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