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[TCML] Herrick? Who he?

It's unlikely but there might be 1 or 2 List members who have idly thought on rare occasion, "Whatever happened to ol' Herrick?" Did he a) go on to different things, b) give up in despair, c) retrogress to an earlier life or d) die? Well, it's a little bit of a) thru c) but not yet d).

A few of the images at http://kchdlh.users.sonic.net/ might entertain. Keeping me from the all-important Tesla-coiling has been my attempts at fine-art over 40 years or so. The video shows the Autobody Fine Art Gallery in Alameda, CA just before its "grand opening" a few weeks ago. The inaugural show includes my work, my son's, and 2 other artists'. Mine is all the neon stuff, a small floor sculpture that talks to you with giant Nixie tubes, the "Gongs" sculpture in a corner, the steel and illuminated "fractal" pieces on the table, the mobile, and the other floor-piece you see just in passing which consists primarily of a light bulb (I call that one "The Elevation of the Incandescent" just to be spooky about it.). In the jpegs, that's me, with the Mrs., in the neon bow-tie.

As to giving up coiling...maybe not quite yet. My s.s.t.c.-redux still sits in the middle of my shop, not yet functioning. It's a novel H-bridge that acts to double the mains-input, with secondary-return feedback just to be ornery. So far it doubles, all right, but it won't spark (as it once did, alas, with a very much more complex configuration). Perhaps after I finish the couple more artworks I'm working on I'll get back to it. Hope so. Either that or it's d) for me. But don't hold your breath or it might be d) for you.


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