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[TCML] RE: Switching on...

Be VERY concerned with your overhead garage door opener.  I've fried one, and I think this is a common experience with coilers.  The only way to protect it is to disconnect ALL of the wires to it.  Tuck the antenna wire tightly into the case.  Unplug and coil the AC power cord tightly above the box.  Disconnect all of the low voltage sensor and switch cables that attach to the box.  I installed a connector for a quick disconnect/reconnect.  Yes, a Huge Hassle, but not as huge as installing a new opener.

Disconnecting just the AC power cord won't help, as the long low voltage cables make good antennas even if they're not struck.

Regards, Gary Lau

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> OK let's jump forward about 3-4 days...
> I've got everything wound, tuned, gapped, polished and ready to go.
> I'm wheeling my creation out to the garage, all the electronics are
> safely put away and the cat is locked in the shed. (Should I be worried
> about the overhead door motor / control box??)
> I've got my fingers ready to give the variac a good ol' twist...
> What should I know about starting up a TC for the first time?
> Steve
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