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Re: [TCML] secondary variable frequency

Thanks Bart,
     That actually makes perfect sense, although I am sure there isn't 
much of an application for it (not on a TC anyway.)

Scott Bogard.

bartb wrote:
> Hi Scott,
> Adding a toroid say just below the primary would have little effect on 
> frequency, but any external object near the coil will lower the 
> frequency a little (even a simple strike ring makes a minor 
> contribution). Depending on geometry of toroid and coil, even raising 
> the top terminal can lower the frequency. But as far as a cap between 
> ground and the bottom secondary, the capacitance of the coil and the 
> "new cap" would be in series. This would decrease capacitance and 
> increase frequency. Now if an external cap was in parallel with the 
> secondary then the frequency would lower (excluding all obvious hv 
> issues).
> Bart
> Scott Bogard wrote:
>> Hey all,
>>      I've got a theoretical question.  Adding a top load lowers the 
>> tesla coils resonant frequency, what about adding a bottom load?  
>> Would putting a toroid or some kind of capacitor between the coil and 
>> ground lower the coils resonant frequency?  I think I may have 
>> touched on this subject before, but for a different reason.  In any 
>> event, will a cap in series with the secondary (on the grounded end) 
>> lower the coils resonant frequency, and is there any way to raise it 
>> beyond what it naturally is (inductor in series possibly?)  This is a 
>> theoretical question, I'm not really that interested in the possible 
>> negative effects on performance (although I am sure they are a 
>> consideration.)  Thanks.
>> Scott Bogard.
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