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[TCML] Fwd: now FREE: two large HV transformers, local pickup only

Oops, looks like I sent this from the wrong address, so it didn't make it to this list.

Only one transformer left now.

Begin forwarded message:

From: Gomez Addams <gomez@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: March 18, 2008 8:14:12 AM MDT
To: hvlist@xxxxxxxxxx, Dmsc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, tesla@xxxxxxxxxx
Subject: now FREE: two large HV transformers, local pickup only
Reply-To: gomez@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Okay, I have got to make more room in my shop, so these fine purpose- built Tesla coil HV supply transformers have to go! I wanted to get some money for them, but so far haven't had any takers. I could probably be convinced to trade them for a case of Newcastle or the like, or give them away if someone can convince me they are going to build a large TC with them, as I had originally intended to do. I'd really rather you not just take them and sell them to someone else, but of course, I can't control what you do with your property after I've given it away...


* Two HV transformers, custom-built for DiaboliCo (long out of business) by Magnetic Specialties. Current-limited by custom external ballasts, included.

* output: 15kV @ 500mA. Short circuit current with provided ballasts: 800mA

* input: 240V

* wiring: single ended (case is secondary ground, primary is not ground connecter or center-tapped. Single HV output bushing, utility type, with hand-tightening knob, as used on many pole pigs.

* type: oil filled (made in 90's with modern transformer oil, no PCBs)

* case: stainless steel!

* included: steel cart with plywood reinforced bottom, just large enough to hold both transformers, but cart casters are under-sized and should be replaced with larger, wider, heavier-duty casters with ball or roller bearings.

Denver, Colorado, near 38th & Federal. Pick up only. Personal circumstances prevent me from paletizing, crating, or shipping these.

First offer of cash or some trade I'm actually looking for (milling machine tooling and accessories, 2HP variable frequency inverter type AC drive with 1ph in and 3ph out, lathe tooling and accessories, good beer, dancing girls, hot tub, maid service, etc) wins, otherwise, if I don't get any offers soon, I will be giving them away... I leave it to chance, the fates, and your own eagerness who will get first crack at 'em.

 - Bill "Gomez" Lemieux

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