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Re: [TCML] Primary coil supports and wood

Look up Woodburn fractals on my site and now on Wiki to see the effects of HV on wood.
It also is a real problem with lifters in long term display use and I have had to redesign them to include a nylon line segment.

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I think that wood is unsuitable as it seems to become conductive after used with high voltage. I once drove two nails into a piece of wood and connected them to the outputs from a microwave oven transformer. The nails were too far away to arc, but after several seconds, arcs began to travel across the wood and burned it. When it began to arc very hot across the burned path. The wood then caught fire.

Stephen J. Hobley wrote:
Is wood a bad choice for primary coil supports? I see a lot of plastic being used, but I seem to be able to work more cleanly in wood...
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