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Re: [TCML] Safety question - switching off

Hi Steve,

The transformer performs the discharging, but if there was ever a disconnection at the point of turn off (unnoticed) anywhere in the discharge circuit, then voltage can be retained by the cap. I simply short the cap after unplugging everything (and I keep an alligator clip wire across the cap when it's not in use). You could also use a hv resistor of several Meg across the cap to bleed them down, but the resistor must be rated for the peak voltages you'll see across the cap and worst case power dissipation). I personally prefer just shorting across the cap with an insulated stick. The only time there would be a problem is if something did become disconnected and was not allowed to discharge. I haven't had that happen, but I still take the precaution. I don't go overboard with this situation worrying about the cap. If it does arc, then something else is wrong.

Take care,

Stephen J. Hobley wrote:
When you switch a coil off, how do you ensure that everything is completely discharged before touching the components?
Steve (As you can tell I'm getting really close to starting construction)
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