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Re: [TCML] RE: Terry Filter Problem

Hi Scott,

Looks like the NST outputs are making their way to ground bypassing mov's and RC circuit. See all those little copper pads on the solder side of the board? Anything between RC and MOV's need to be removed. These pads are a problem. Even all those pads around the main ground terminal. Might want to turn it upside down and run it with the lights off. One thing about these filters, they do need good isolation. Also, once carbon forms, the problem gets worse.

Take care,

Maybe, but............... Notice that the heavy burned area is next to the ground terminal and that there isn't ANY obvious arcing between the end of the WW resistor and the red [gnd] wire in the vicinity. The copper pads are clean and the insulation is normal color in the vicinity of the resistor terminal. If I read things right the red wire is ground so the burned area is near the ground lug end of what's already a ground wire.

Why use such expensive perf board, independent of the potential arcing between ground pads?

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