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RE: [TCML] RE: Primary coil supports

Thanks, that makes sense - I appreciate the help.
Would hot glue on the underside of a cap be OK to hold it in position?


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Subject: [TCML] RE: Primary coil supports

Wood has been used by some, though one would probably want to be sure that it's very dry and well sealed before use.

It's certainly possible to enamel one's primary.  Yes, the freshly polished copper looks so nice initially and will always tarnish with age if left uncoated.  But that would make it impossible to change the tap position in the future, so that's typically not done.

Perf board is commonly used for MMC construction.  Just be sure that it's not the type with conductive etch rings at each hole.  Even if every hole is isolated, the presence of the etch circles reduces the insulating value.

Regards, Gary Lau

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