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RE: [TCML] first coil help



Thanks a lot for your answers! I will try to answer to the various
questions. Many thanks


NST. I have posted some pictures to Chip ("Thomas_first_coil_n_...). There
is a picture of my NST. There are two different earths on that NST - a "e"
one and a "T-like" one. Which one should be connected to RF ground??


Everyone: Spark gap and counterpoise


The spark gap is just .erm.a gap. I used two bolts pointing each other. I
can vary the distance easily.  I was waiting to see how the coil was doing
before building a rotary spark gap.

Is a "complex" spark gap mandatory? From your answers. I fear yes.


I am not sure I understand the connections of the counterpoise; shall I just
use a large conducting surface placed under the coil (one cm under?) and
ground that surface to the main ground? Without connecting the secondary to
it? Please let me know. 



->Bart B.


The spacing of the primary is 2.5 cm pitch (center to center) of the 8mm
copper tube. 

The secondary: I checked again and get 15 turns/cm. I am using "magnet wire"
-forgot to write down the gauge, sorry- but it is varnished (literature say
varnish is 10% of diameter). The form for the secondary is not conductive
(see below), so this *should* not influence the inductance (unless in
contains carbon powder, which would act like iron particles in a ferrite
core? But then inductance should go up not down?)

But I am measuring this inductance with the primary in place (though it is
not electrically connected to anything) - When I short the primary, L values
of the secondary go from 3.54 to 3.52 


->Steve Y.


-I tried to draw an arc through the tubing I used for the secondary. The
black plastic is not conducting at all. I will use something else for my
next coil though.



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