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Re: [TCML] Secondary and Primary Assistance

"Home" meggers are 500 VDC, industrial use ones are typically1KV with specialized ones to 5 KV. I have used all 3.

Materials all have different resistances at different frequencies. HV DC is not a complete or definitive test for the material. A typical megger could tell you the material is of a high resistance at DC but it could still be a "short" at RF frequencies.

I would suggest you pick up a violet ray, typically Ebay is a good source and make a pointed electrode for it, AKA a neon tester, and run the tip across the material you wish to use for a TC coil form. Do this in a darkened room and if you see arcing across the form, you will know it is not suitable for a TC. If there is no arcing, touch the form with your free hand while the tester is in contact with the form. If you can draw an arc or feel the electricity, trust me, you can tell, it is like your finger is sticking to the form, then you know at TC frequencies, the form is no good.

It has been suggested the lettering is conductive, use this same method on the lettering to see if it is a problem.

Give me a few days and I will test a piece and let you all know.

I have a 500V megger and a ton of violet rays around here so it will not be hard to do. I just have to pick up a piece of sonotube.

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