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Re: [TCML] Western Winter Teslathon

Throwing a yes that looks great out there as well.  I am stuck working
with the more analog style device for a while, but would love to play
with something down the road that gives you that level of control.
Thanks for sharing that.

On Thu, Mar 20, 2008 at 12:49 AM, Dr.Hankenstein
<dr.hankenstein@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Greetings, all!
>  Chris (Dr. Spark) has downloaded some video highlights of the WWT 2008 (Arizona Western Winter Teslathon)
>  Here is a little live jam session featuring a couple of musicians playing Chris's DRSSTC Tesla coils through the Audiotesla Tesla Coil Controller:
>  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bGazhawJuU&feature=user     Lots of fun!
>  There are also a handful of other nice videos you can view if you click on "More From: drsstc" and make a selection.
>  Thanks again to everyone without whom our Teslathon would not have been possible!
>  ...
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