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Re: 2N3055 was Re: [TCML] 555 timer

anything that can be done with BJT's can be done with MOSFETS (with some circuit modification of course)

about 12 months ago i designed and built a current sink/load capable of 2.5KW @ 40V yea it was a monster and it was entirely IRF640's

bunnykiller wrote:
i figured it and came to the conclusion that the good'ole 3055 was easy to use... all you needed was a limiting resistor, a pot, and a voltage/current and you have it! try doing that with an IGBT.. and MOTS ( not the trannie type) static charges are always fun to deal with when handling them, but I must admit they have gotten better at designing them to avoid the problem.

just a thought... ya know, Ive never seen a linear pass bank made with Mots, any one here seen such a monster?

Scot D


Paul Bidmead
Automated Test Engineer
Omnitronics P/L

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