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Re: [TCML] Bending acrylic

Hi, i am not an expert but a plastics shop nearby i had seen them forming
4x4 foot sheets of acrylic.....2 things, first they run the sheet into a
heat lamp oven until is is soft as butter, then it is moved, floped over
onto the vacuum frame and sucked to that shape, once cool it remains in the
shape of the mold....
you need to heat a  wide area around where the bend will be and support that
wide area while it is soft....be careful of overheating, fumes are noxious
and the stuff burns real easy once at melting temperatures.....cul brian f.

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Hey guys,
     Since we have had a few machining/finishing questions on here
lately, I figured it would be ok to ask; is it possible to bend acrylic
and get it to hold it's shape.  I want to make a curved piece of
acrylic, and it seems fragile and wants to crack.  I'm assuming you need
to heat it, but how hot, using what kind of heat source, etc.  Thanks in

Scott Bogard

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