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RE: [TCML] Half Wave Coil <cont>

Ok Folks,

Now I would ask some others to weigh in on this before I wind a dud :-) It
seems to me that half wave implies 180 out of phase on a single coil. 

Thanks, Jim

I could always cut it in half if all else fails :-^)

How are twins wound not to confuse the issue?

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>Normally it is best to wind one coil clockwise and the second  coil

>counterclockwise --- similar to the construction of an X-ray  transformer.

>In this technique one coil will hit a positive polarity while

>the opposite coil hits a peak negative polarity.  The produces  max

>between the two ungrounded output ends of the coils at the same  moment in


    That doesn't make sense to me. We're talking about  a bipolar Tesla
with one primary in the middle? Winding the secondary  halves in opposite 
directions would make both ends of the secondary have  the same polarity at
same time.
-Phil LaBudde

Center for the Advanced Study of Ballistic  Improbabilities

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