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Re: [TCML] More tc info

Hi Reuben,

That is what I thought. You've got 98 turns for your secondary. Not really usable. Your top terminal is also too large for such a small coil. It might be best to rethink the whole secondary and primary coils. About 1000 turn secondary is what to shoot for (800 up to 1400 is ok). Shoot for an h/d ratio between 4 and 5. Your current secondary is 7"L/2"D = 3.5 h/d.

But if you want to stay with this small coil size, then pick up something like 30 awg magnet wire for about 600 turns and rewind (will require 311 feet of wire). I personally would recommend building a 3"D x 14"L coil using 28 awg magnet wire for 960 turns or something in that range if you want to keep it small.


rmferaligator@xxxxxxx wrote:
I counted about 14 turns every inch
I hope this helps
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