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Re: [TCML] Andy Lau's Suit

I can see the reason to de-certify, but I am still wondering what the certification is and what formalized testing was used to get the certification? Is it a standard that can be used to measure other high-voltage suits? Having built such a suit myself, I can see value in being able to say it has met such-and-such certification.

kVA Effects only certifies suits for specific clients in specific situations. It is a closed process between me and the engineers at ETL. It is expensive as there is a cost involved in the certification process. We don't detail the process in public.

Is my survival in the suit is all it takes to certify it?

Certify it to whom Terry? Whatever doesn't kill you make you stronger. Right?... ;-)

I believe the hobbiests are on there own when they get into homemade suits.

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