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RE: [TCML] strike rails

A strike rail must be an open loop.  If it were a closed loop, it would be like a shorted turn of a coil that is tightly coupled to the primary, and would rob a lot of power.

Bear in mind that the use of strike rails, at least on spark-gap coils, is controversial.  The presence of a rail will attract sparks from the top load and likely reduce the maximum length of spark attainable.  And if you also use a Terry filter and safety gap, it's not clear that any harm will come to the NST or tank cap even if there is a primary strike.  Solid state and tube coils however are a different matter.

Regards, Gary Lau

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> Hi everyone,
> Could someone please tell me if strike rails should be a closed loop, or should they
> remain open? I think I've seen them both ways (but I can't always be sure from
> online photos). Could you give me the whys/why nots of either setup?
> Thanks,
> Neal.

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