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[TCML] Half Wave Coil

Hello All,

I am thinking of building a halfwave resonator. The dimensions I am thinking
about are 8.25" pvc .125"wall irrigation pipe 72" long former. I have a
14400 5KVA 240v potential transformer and a Maxwell .1uf 50kv cap (I have 2
of these) and would wind with ~ 10 lbs of 22awg ~5000ft. I also have a 12"
G10 x 8 arsg with a variable speed dc motor and controller with 1.5" .125 W

There is a lot I don't know about these. Is it wound the same direction like
a double long 1/4 wave the entire length? I seem to remember the primary is
designed to resonate at 2x FR of the whole coil length. I would use a 12"
wide solenoid with a foot or more of PVC overlapping on each side of center.
There doesn't seem to be very many turns indicated so I suppose .5 Cu tube
would be ok?... I can get this former in .125" wall as well, in fact I have
6 feet of it.

I also seem to remember there is to be a gap under the primary... is this to
tweak the coupling? What is the best gap for such a system? How does the
efficiency of these compare to a regular coil? Since the arc strikes 180
degrees out of phase and connects, one of this size and power would have a
roaring arc, yes?

I have decided to abandon the 12" 1/4 wave I was going to build in favor of
a 22-24" if I can find a suitable former since I now have access to a very
favorable steel building with tall roll up doors and a large concrete area
to roll out into. The electricians I am working with can get me 16 AWG at
cost in extended lengths. On these big coils is stranded PVC ok or is solid

Thanks All,
Jim Mora

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