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Re: [TCML] Andy Lau's Suit

The only thing special about this suit is that the client chopped it up, added pockets, buttons and that UltraMan helmet (sheesh!). ;-)

Our normal safety suits are "cat suits", with no openings and features that protect the zipper. They are tailor made for the professional that wears them (Sky, Bree and Anja) with the exception of the "flying" suit which is "medium sized" and has features to accommodate a Matt Sweeney harness.

A Shark Suit is or other garment that has separate parts (booties, gloves, hood, etc.) is not suitable (ha ha) because the parts can separate. Ask Chriss Angel who got hurt on camera doing a suit stunt for A&E.


----- Original Message -----
Other than with the celebrity of the prior user, what's different about this
suit than your average homemade chainmail suit that you can find
D&D-type-kids making on any college campus, and could probably buy for
<$1000 (all labor costs, since they make it out of wire that's hand-turned
into links using dikes)? I did that myself back in '91, took me about a
month doing it in my spare time.

Not trying to be contentious, just curious. Looking at the suit, I don't
really see anything special about it.
Other than the helmet. That's pretty unique and cool. :)

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