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Re: [TCML] Link to Arizona Western Winter Teslathon youtube slide show

Well, I'm sure all that could find the lab had fun, but we were certainly
very disappointed.

We piled 6 people in my Dodge Durango and headed north.  Stopped in BCC at
the Mountain Breeze Hotel as Chris printed on the website.  Guess what?  NO
ONE ever called the MB Hotel to tell them anything about the event,
including directions (which, of course, were not published on the website).
No one at Mountain Breeze knew anything about this event and no one ever
heard of anyone in town named Hank, except for some 90 year old guy named
Hank Lay.  We went to Hank's place and he didn't know any other Hank in

So, off to plan B.  Chris mentioned on his Western Teslathon site the lab
was "across the road" from the KOA Campground.  Duh.  Again, no one at KOA
had ever received any phone calls regarding the event overnight
arrangements.  The only bldg "adjacent to KOA" was a nunnery!  Yes,
we quizzed several nuns and it soon became apparent they had no idea who
were we talking about including the KOA manager.  It certainly was not
across the road from any KOA --- we even drove around the hillside on the
western side of I-17 listening and looking for any type of shop.  Quizzing
joggers and late afternoon hikers all to no avail.

So, we thought, some in this rather small town would certainly know someone
named Hank.  We visited the tourist bureau, the Shell Station, both grocery
stores, and finally nearly exhausted, we had a sandwhich in the main cafe in
town, the Amish Cafe, who again never head of anyone named Hank.  We
concluded this "Hank" does not buy gas, shop for groceries, or ever eat at
the local cafe.  At this point someone in our group suggested this "Hank"
guy was completely mythical.  I think I began to believe it was true.

We tried again, at the local and only hardware store in town, surely we
reasoned any building Tesla coils were certainly need fasteners or hardware
parts.  Again, the elder store owner told us we had struck out.  However, he
did mention someone else stopped by also looking for a Teslathon and his
Hank guy (now a true ghost).  They also tried the Mountain Breeze and KOA
only to report that no one ever bothered calling either suggested lodging

Finally, after quizzing nearly every business, gas station, cafe, hardware
store, and local tire repair shop, we did actually conclude that Hank was a
true "ghost in the machine" never to be found by any locals.

Exhausted from our 2.5 hour search, we loaded up and again made the long 2
3/4 hr. drive back to Tucson, wasting a whole day.

On 3/13/08, Dr.Hankenstein <dr.hankenstein@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Dr. Spark has been diligently working on the WWT 2008 Arizona Western
> Winter Teslathon slide show, so, as promised, here is the youtube link. A
> fun time was had by all!
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HD2HQj2XFHY
> Enjoy!
> Woo
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