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Re: [TCML] Need a NY based electrical expert.

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Didn't CNN or some other network recently film Kevin's
BIG coil? How'd they manage that, if this is such a
big deal in the US?

Everybody has a different level of acceptable exposure. Apparently the company in question is more concerned than average. That is OK, I want everybody to be comfortable and the larger part of my job is raising that comfort level.

On another note:

Jim Lux's writings about the TV industry should be compiled into a FAQ. His last two messages were gems of universal truism and the piece he wrote last year about how TV companies work was priceless (I lost it due to a crash but I'm sure Chip has archived it).

kVA Effects is the defacto expert in this field and sometimes we have clients that need an expert beyond what we have to offer. After the Universal/Perdue debacle (i.e. having the client pick an expert), Jim Lux is one of the few people who can comment on our work and has done so in the past - for better or worse; he's neutral, factual and scientific.

If a data miner here wants to put together a TV-Movie FAQ based on Jim's archived articles, I'll add my 2 cents and it can serve as a document for others who want to get into professional special effects. We'll call it Jim and Jeff's Hollywood Roadmap!


p.s. Jim, I still have your pole pig. It followed me to Signal Hill. ;-)

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