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Re: [TCML] 5" Sparks - Approx 35 watts input power: Tesla was correct!

In a message dated 3/13/2008 8:01:10 A.M. US Eastern Standard Time,  
Gary.Lau@xxxxxx writes:

>Hi John,

>My minicoil contest rules and results are at  

>Using a  partially deshunted 4/20 NST to yield 38mA Isc, Karl Lindheimer 
reports  getting up to 18.125".  >I once achieved 16", but haven't been able to  
do any better.  But the secret does appear to lie in going >large with  top 
load and pri/sec inductors.

Hi Gary,
Well that would give a 1.5 factor in my formula which is pretty  good.  Has 
tried an SRSG on a minicoil, or maybe a triggered static gap.  The  results 
be interesting?

>FWIW, my mini coil NST pulls 1.75Amps @120V from the wall  with no PFC.  Not 
certain if this >included the microwave oven fan for  the spark gap, but that 
shouldn't account for much.

>Regards, Gary  Lau

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