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Re: [TCML] 5" Sparks - Approx 35 watts input power: Tesla was correct!

In a message dated 3/12/2008 9:50:34 P.M. US Eastern Standard Time,  
bartb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

>> When I built my TT-32 coil, it only gave 27" sparks instead of  the
>> 32" I expected.  It was built very similar to the TT-42  coil, but was 
>> smaller and used less power.  The results were  below what my
>> formula would expect.  It's possible there were  higher losses in
>>> the particular transformer I used, or  something similar.  I  didn't
> really look into  that.

>Yes, that is what I've been saying for years now. The  transformers 
>current is everything as far as how fast it will get  there. Even in 
>instances of short duration super high charging, it is  still the current 
>making it possible.

Hi Bart,
Yes, I've been saying that for years also.  I remember when John C. 
used to say that small coils were *more* efficient than large ones.
I attempted to explain to him that larger coils are actually more 
efficient because transformers become more efficient in
general when they get larger, and other losses may be reduced in
percentage terms also in the larger coils.  When I compared
the efficiency of some of my coils using an NST and then
a potential  transformer, the efficiency was better with the
potential transformer but the difference was rather small.  

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