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Re: [TCML] 5" Sparks - Approx 35 watts input power: Tesla was correct!

Hi John,

FutureT@xxxxxxx wrote:
Bart, Gary, Well now that you mention that, do you happen to remember
what the results were for the best small coils in Gary's small coil  contest?
I don't remember if those coil's performances met my formula or not. Maybe Gary can give some info here. When I built my TT-32 coil, it only gave 27" sparks instead of the 32" I expected. It was built very similar to the TT-42 coil, but was smaller and used less power. The results were below what my
formula would expect.  It's possible there were higher losses in
the particular transformer I used, or something similar.  I  didn't
really look into that.
Yes, that is what I've been saying for years now. The transformers current is everything as far as how fast it will get there. Even in instances of short duration super high charging, it is still the current making it possible. The physics for cap charge are well known and they are absolutely correct, but transformers will differ a little from one to the next (even NST's) and then there are situations like ferro-resonance discussed. So, many high current variables fall into our coil operation and change power throughput and therefore power dependent spark length equations. Losses anywhere affect performance including the transformer (good or bad), although the gap is still #1 for losses.

Maybe it wasn't really missing the mark
by a full 5".  Maybe it only missed by 2" or so.  I've have to  check
my notes.  This happens to be one of the things which is clearly
annotated in my notes ( I think ).  The operating voltage was  lower,
and that may contribute to under-performance.  So yes,
there is hope for the small coils, that they may properly  obey the formula,
if they are built carefully enough.

Maybe. But until I see the specs and analyze what is different, it is an unknown and unconfirmed until a second body recreates it. One thing I do know about small coils is their tuning is very sensitive. The sensitivity (Lpri) due to low turns and actual winding length is part of the main problem I dislike. I've always liked larger coils simply for this reason.

Take care,

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