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Re: [TCML] 5" Sparks - Approx 35 watts input power: Tesla was correct!

About 40 years ago I was driving twin antiparallel ignition coils from a 12V 1A through a multivibrator to get perhaps 1 inch sparks. Ie 12 watts per inch. You are getting 7 watts per inch. No problem with that. The break rate will determine the power but not the spark length. Drop your break rate down to 1Hz and your spark length stays the same but power drops to perhaps only a few watts.

I think people were thinking that you were talking about a "Tesla coil" ie air cored resonant HV transformer. With a TC, "Break rates" and hence power are likely to be perhaps 10 times higher higher than a multivibrator (guessing here), hence power drawn will be 10 times greater. Spark length tends to be more as a consequence of spark growth than voltage (hence you see streamers with a TC but not your type of kicker setup). I suspect "a few people considered this an unrealistic request" were comparing apples and oranges.
Nice setup BTW.


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Hey All,
A while back I posted a request to try and replicate Tesla's table top oscillator that he claimedgave 6" sparks with less than 35 watts of input power. I think a few people considered this anunrealistic request.

Jeff Behary
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