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Re: [TCML] More detail

Hey Reuben...

here are some standard questions that need to be answered for the list gurus...

primary material? copper tube? wire? how many turns? how far apart are the turns from each other and how far is the distance from the secondary coil?

Secondary, how wide and how long and what kind of wire dia/gage was it wound with?

Capacitors, how many bottles and what size and what type ( glass, clear or colored? plastic?)? Are you using oil for corona protection? How salty is the water? Up to and maybe even past the saturation level of the salt/water capacity??

what would the diameter of the bowls be?

What is your spark gap made from? design wise? ( 2 nails or turned brass balls?) How wide is the gap?

power supply 15Kv what amperage ? 20, 30 60, 120 mA?

A couple of side notes here... if you have a decient sized NST ( im supposing its an NST since its 15Kv ) along with saltwater caps ( once again supposing you are using 6 - 8 of them minimum) a 6 turn primary will be on the minimal size you may have to go to about 10 -12 turns.

Hmmm spark gap is popping off once and then nothing? Possibly the wiring schematic may be incorrect. There may be a problem with the caps shorting out and the voltage is sustaining an arc either in the oil or saltwater... possible chance of a bottle having a puncture and allowing the short... if there is no short, the spark gap should fire continiously. If the caps are shorting out, there should be some hissing or sizzling noises eminating from the cap set.

get back to us with as much info on your coil and we will do what we can to advise/help you on your way to a working coil.

Scot D

rmferaligator@xxxxxxx wrote:

The coil is of the spark gap sort, based on a design from a book by george trinkaus uses a 15kv transformer and a salt water cap
2 stainless steel bowls as a toroid and has a 6 turn primary I will have more info when I can measure the coil as I am not home now

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