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Re: [TCML] BPS Testing

In a message dated 3/10/2008 8:21:19 P.M. US Eastern Standard Time,  
bartb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

>I'm  curious more about your measurements and setup at this point to try 
>to  explain the high bps you measured. Either current is higher (modified  
>NST? or maybe the gap itself is the cause?). I don't know, just  
>stumbling in the dark to explain it. There has to be a logical reason  
>for it and if it was something seen by all coils, then I should have  
>measured at least 120 to 150 bps, but I didn't. So from my perspective  
>at this point, not all systems will see a high bps to what is  predicted.

Bart, Gary,
Maybe Gary's analysis assumed 140VAC input to the NST?
That should raise the BPS a lot.  

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