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Re: [TCML] BPS Testing

Hi All,

I continued BPS testing today. I paralleled two 15/30's after phasing for 15/60 power. I didn't want to change any coil parameters other than power and a single 15/30 would have been just too small for the cap size. I removed the safety gap and used 120Vac input via switch to keep as many variables out of it as possible (no variac, etc.).

I did have some problems with the pc loosing the usb hardware device. It captures data up to the point where the usb hardware device gets lost. I'm aware of this problem (as is the manufacturer). I recorded 4.5 seconds of run time (actually a little more but Excel maxes out at 65000 rows of data). I probably should have turned down the sample rate. Hind site.

Here's a gif image of 15/60 run. Dead time on left of image is the time it took me to run in the garage and turn on the coil.

When I save the csv file, I set the marker just before the first break (so data to left is not exported). Here is a picture of the break area expaned with no compression.

The Excel file identifying time stamps and break voltages:

The raw csv file:

Ok, Javatc calculated 70 bps for this NST, cap size, gap, etc..

What I measured were 373 breaks over a time span of 4.542 seconds. So 82 bps.

Seems about right to me. I don't see a large variation in calculation to measurement.

Take care,

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