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[TCML] On grounding, secondary base, and baffle gluing.

Hello All,

I personally like the flat ribbon ground. It rolls up nicely and has lots of
surface area. I assume that there are many harmonics of much higher
frequency then resonance that we want to get rid of.

My most recent coil is a fast assembly, instructional solenoid demo coil. To
make the ground pass through with all thread rod and attach to the base
(after the fact), I cut off 1" of 7/8" fiberglass rod and bored a hole in
the center of it just deep enough to except (3) 1/4 20 brass nuts and
threaded a temporary bolt through them. The coil bottom acrylic plate was
bored with a hole saw the size of the fiberglass rod diameter (7/8"). The
coil base wire spirals into the center and is soldered to the side of the
last nut. A layer of Ace hardware 2 part 5 min epoxy holds everything
together very nicely. I use it for baffles or whatever as it cures so fast.
The outgases have not seemed to be any problem - yet.

I am much more likely to blow something up with my disk launcher or
definitely with the (2)50KV 4uf 10kJ total wire exploder caps from the
Geekgroup :-)

Have fun and play safe,
Jim Mora

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