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RE: [TCML] racing arcs

Thanks Gary. 

Somebody on the list told me that when I posted my results of my new SRSG 
and the racing sparks issue. I tried to find the note in my personal 
archives but either it was deleted or I forgot to save it.

Either that or I misunderstood. To many strikes to the head! 

Daniel Hess

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RE: [TCML] racing arcs

Hi Dan,

Regarding your racing sparks with the sync RSG -

> As I advanced the SRSG, the sparks grew & increased until I
> reached a point where I developed racing sparks. Back off a couple of
> degrees and everything was fine. One of the list gurus explained to me
> that by changing the point on the sine wave where the RSG fires also
> changes the inductance of my NST secondary thus changing the tune of the
> entire system.

That doesn't make sense.  The inductance of the NST secondary in no way 
affects the resonance of the TC primary or secondary, and I can see no way 
for the NST secondary inductance to vary, based on timing of the gap.

Regards, Gary Lau

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