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Re: [TCML] RF Ground and Brass

You would have to get a fuse to meet the specific blow curve. Currents do get high, but they happen for a very short duration (why bulbs don't light up very well. Well, depending on the average power to the bulb). There are other means of doing this better. The thermocouple is certainly a viable method as is a device designed for such measurements such as current monitors. Both methods can be captured to view the entire waveform which is the data you really want.

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Bob Wroblewski wrote:
Hi Bart, Ed, Gary et al,

Would simply inserting various values of a small Bussman or Littlefuse inline type fuse from the secondary base to the ground cable yield some measurement results? These fuses have data sheets detailing the area under a curve (rms) energy required to reliably heat the contact and blow the fuse. Thus you would have a threshold measurement of base current without risking damage to measuring equipment (DSP scopes, etc).

Just a thought, I haven't been following this closely so if I'm repeating someone elses response, sorry.
It is an interesting discussion.

Bob Wroblewski
Dracut, MA
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