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Re: [TCML] Toroid size

Hi Jim,

Thanks for the link. That is your problem. This gap won't do well at even moderately high power. Time to build a one that will.
Take care,

Jim Calvin wrote:
Hi Bart,
	I do have a terry filter on the NST and a safety spark gap across
the capacitor.  I can see exactly what you mean on resonance.  My power
supply is actually rated at just under 120 ma (115ma).  So I think I am ok
on that.

	As for my spark gap, I am using one that I bought a couple of years
ago, that I have been using on my 4" coil with great success (30" multiple
streamers).  That coil is an 8Kv @ 60ma.  I got the spark gap from
information unlimited. Here is a link:

It is the fan cooled double gap system on the top of the page.  I figure I
would use this spark gap first before building one just for the new coil
(and put this one back in my 4" coil).
Best regards Jim C.

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