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Re: [TCML] RF Ground and Brass

In a message dated 3/7/08 2:08:17 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,  
Gary.Lau@xxxxxx writes:

>While 1kV on your ground cable may be insignificant as far as  topload 
voltage or performance, let's 
>not loose sight of the REAL reason we should be striving for a good  RF 
ground.  If there is 1KV of RF 
>on your secondary base, there is also 1kV of RF on your NST  case.  You can 
bet that this will have 
>an impact on the level of hash that enters your mains.
    Excellent point!
    I wonder instead of subjective "hash"  measurements, an FFT of the base 
grounding method would be more useful. After  all, "hash" might have different 
characteristics for different coils, but we  are looking for a cost-effective 
grounding method that will cover a wide  spectrum of noise problems.
    I wonder if the radiated noise from the spark  gap, primary, and 
secondary discharges might be "louder" at some point. Maybe  we just need to ground it 
to where the other sources then predominate. Some  experiments to determine 
how much line hash comes from these sources might be  informative as well.
-Phil LaBudde
Center for the Advanced Study of Ballistic  Improbabilities

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